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Technology Business School des KIT
Program Director POM
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Kai Furmans

Head of Institute for Conveying Technologies and Logistics (IFL)

Tjark Wilhelm Hecht
Tjark W. Hecht
Program Consultant

hechtPom8∂hectorschool com

+49 (0)721 608-47878

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Accredited since 2005 by

Master Program in Production & Operations Management (POM)

Part-time further qualification for engineers.
Production and Operations Management


Fundamental concepts are conveyed for the analysis, formation, design, and realization of innovative services as well as for basic methods of screening and performance in production industry.


Graduates of the Production & Operations Management (POM) master program are able to analyze and optimize the efficiency of value-added processes in the operation of production and service systems.

The master program in particular focuses on production processes, information technology, logistics, and human resources.

The graduates are familiar with state-of-the-art concepts and methods and are able to apply them in a problem-oriented manner. Methods and techniques associated with decision-making are covered by Operations Management.

In addition, graduates can identify the opportunities and limits of formal methods and models. They are able to handle transfer from the modeled world to reality. Methods are applied in a solution-driven way. Graduates are able to solve problems by multidisciplinary solution approaches that account for the fact that the flows of data, products, and money are closely interconnected in production and logistics.


Detailed information on our POM master program are found in our program brochure.

Additionally, you might be interested in what some of our alumni have to say about the program.


Target Group

Future engineering executives in production and/or logistics or plant engineering. Typical lines of business may be machinery and equipment industry, process industry, automotive industry and automotive industry suppliers, etc.


Come by on our HECTOR Open Day to get first hand information on the program and talk to students, as well as HECTOR representatives.