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Technology Business School des KIT
Program Director SME
Prof. Dr. Andreas Oberweis

Head of Institute of Applied Informatics & Formal Description Methods (AIFB)

Tjark Wilhelm Hecht
Tjark W. Hecht
Program Consultant

hechtPba0∂hectorschool com

+49 (0)721 608-47878

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Master Program in Service Management & Engineering (SME)

Part-time further qualification for computer scientists.
Service Management and Engineering


Information technology for business success: Efficiency, reliability, flexibility and safety are key issues for information systems in the internet age. The program imparts approved engineering methods for successful information systems modeling, design, and implementation.



Graduates of the Service Management & Engineering (SME) master program have the ability to comprehend and evaluate how hardware and software developments in modern information and communication technologies influence the future service market. Engineering-based problems can be solved with the help of complexity management methods. The program conveys an interdisciplinary approach to the solution of problems and trains adequate solution methods for hardware and software applications.

The skills and expertise acquired in the program are the basis of pursuing an integrated approach to information and communication technologies. Graduates are capable of using design and construction principles for current service technologies, such as cloud computing, and of mastering problems identified using specially developed customized solution approaches. Security and reliability issues can be analyzed. Students are familiarized with the most important methods in these areas. Furthermore, graduates are enabled to solve economic problems of service pricing with appropriate interdisciplinary approaches. They can evaluate regulatory boundaries and legal issues needed for contracting and take them into account when making design decisions.


Detailed information on our SME master program is given in our program brochure.

Additionally, you might be interested in what some of our alumni have to say about the program.


Target Group

The Service Management & Engineering master program addresses young dynamic professionals (aged 28 - 42) having academic degrees, who are working in the fields of service management, information technologies, software engineering or IT management.


Come by on our HECTOR Open Day to get first hand information on the program and talk to students, as well as HECTOR representatives.